ACCESS Federal Credit Union's Privacy Policy

In recognition of our members' expectation of privacy, ACCESS Federal Credit Union has adopted the following privacy statement:

ACCESS Federal Credit Union will collect only the personal information that is necessary to conduct our business. That means, we will collect just what is necessary to provide competitive financial products and services - no more. We may gather general information about website visitors' browsing activities. This enables us to track how a visitor navigates through the website and the areas in which they show interest. This is similar to a traffic report; it tracks trends and behaviors of members in general, but does not identify individuals in particular.

ACCESS Federal Credit Union will protect your personal information. We will maintain security controls to ensure that member information stored on our premises and in our files and computers is protected. Where appropriate, we will use security-coding techniques to protect against unauthorized access to personal records, ensure accuracy and integrity of communications and transactions, and protect member confidentiality.

Restrictions on the Disclosure of Account Information

ACCESS Federal Credit Union will not disclose confidential member information outside the Credit Union unless:
  1. The information is provided to help complete a transaction that the member has authorized;
  2. Legal or regulatory requirements oblige the Credit Union to supply the information;
  3. It is supplied to a vendor working on behalf of the Credit Union; or,
  4. It is supplied to a credit-reporting agency.

Employee Access and Use of Member Information

Within ACCESS Federal Credit Union we require that confidential information be safeguarded at all times and be used only for legitimate business purposes. The Credit Union takes measures to limit employee access to confidential information on a "need-to-know" basis and makes every effort to ensure that financial information is maintained in an accurate and up-to-date manner. We educate our employees about the importance of confidentiality and customer privacy through standard operating procedures, special training programs, and the ACCESS Federal Credit Union Code of Ethics.

Maintaining Member Privacy in Our Business Relationships

ACCESS Federal Credit Union will not sell or share member personal information with a third party for the third party's own independent use. However, the Credit Union occasionally contracts with outside vendors and other business partners to perform specific services for the Credit Union (i.e. statement printing). We require these vendors to honor and safeguard the information we provide them and to follow strict confidentiality requirements.

If you have any reason to believe that your personal information retained at ACCESS Federal Credit Union is incorrect, please call us at 315-693-2002, write to us at PO Box 308, Clinton, NY 13323, or email us at . We will investigate the problem and, as appropriate, update the Credit Union's records.