e-Statement Facts

What is AFCU e-Statement?
AFCU e-Statement is the electronic version of the paper statement you currently receive. You can view and print your statement right from your computer, or save it to your computer to refer to at a later date.

Do I have to sign up for AFCU e-Statement?
No. You only sign up for AFCU e-Statement if you want to receive your ACCESS Federal Credit Union statement electronically. If you do not sign up, you will continue to receive your Credit Union statements on paper via regular mail.

Do I have to sign up for ACCESS Online in order to receive an AFCU e-Statement?
Yes. You will need to sign up for ACCESS Online (Internet based home banking). You can do so at any branch. Once you are set up for ACCESS Online, you can then select to receive your statements electronically.

Will I continue to receive my paper statement in the mail?
No. As soon as you sign up for AFCU e-Statements you will no longer receive a paper statement.

When will I receive my AFCU e-Statement email notification?
We will send the notification the first business day of the month.

Will my AFCU e-Statement look the same as my paper statement?
Yes. Your AFCU e-Statement will look very similar to your paper statement.

Is there a charge for AFCU e-Statements?
No. There is no charge to receive your statement electronically.

Is my statement information secure?
Yes. As is the case with everything traveling through the Internet, security is of the utmost importance. Even statements being mailed via the postal system have their own set of security issues. This is why AFCU has chosen to only notify you via email that your statement is ready and where to go to view it - The email serves only to notify you that your AFCU e-Statement is available. The email will not contain your statement. Your AFCU e-Statement will ONLY be available through our secure ACCESS Online home banking system.

Will I be able to print my statement?
Yes, you will be able to print your AFCU e-Statement.

How long will my AFCU e-Statement be available?
You will be able to view your AFCU e-Statement for at least 90 days after the (month-end) statement date.

Can I have my AFCU e-Statement notification sent to more than one email address?
The email notification can only be sent to the one email address we have in our system for your account.

What if I change my email address?
In order to continue receiving your AFCU e-Statement notification, you need to notify us of your email address change. This can be done by writing to us, or you may change your email address through ACCESS Online (found under the User Options button).

How long will it take to set up my AFCU e-Statement?
Once you have clicked Accept on the Disclosure page, you will be set up within 2 business days. You will see your first AFCU e-Statement at the beginning of the next month!

Who should I contact if I don't receive my AFCU e-Statement notification?
Contact any Member Service Representative. Remember: If we don't have your correct email address, you won't receive the notification.

How do I cancel my AFCU e-Statement?
You may cancel your AFCU e-Statement service at any time by providing us with written notice by postal mail or by sending an email to e-statements@accessfcu.org. It may take as long as two (2) business days from the Credit Union's receipt of your written notice of cancellation for us to change you back to paper statements.