Member Schedule of Fees

Effective: November 28, 2017

fees-schedule table
Share Savings and Share Draft Checking
Account Activity Print(per page)$1.00
ACH Revoke$10.00
Copy of Prior Month's Statement (per page)$1.00
Dormant Account Fee (annually)$5.00
Inactive Share Fee (monthly)$5.00
Insufficient Funds (each item)$25.00
Bill Payment Insufficient Funds Surcharge (each item)$15.00
Reg. D Transaction Fee (each, after 6 per month)$10.00
Photo Copy of Draft (each)$3.00
Research & Reconcilement (per hour)$10.00
Stop Payment on Draft$10.00
Uncollected Funds (each item)$10.00
Failure to Notify - Address Change (per statement cycle)$5.00
Courtesy Pay Fee$25.00
Courtesy Pay Collection Fee$30.00
Other Services and Charges
ACCESS-A-Bill (Bill Payment Service) per monthFREE
ACCESS-A-Bill (After 6 mos non-usage fee monthly)$5.00
Cancellation of Official Check$10.00
Check Collection Fee$20.00
Coin Machine Usage (20% of amount counted)Varies
Foreign Check Fee$10.00
Foreign Wire (incoming)$35.00
Foreign Wire (outgoing)$35.00
Holiday Club Early Closure$5.00
Item Returned (each time)$25.00
Levy or Restraint Maintenance$50.00
Loan Cancellation$15.00
Money Market Savings Withdrawal Fee (each, after 6 per month)$10.00
Money Orders (Maximum face value: $1,000)$1.00
Mortgage Discharge Filing Fee (per filing)$50.50
Notary Public (per Notary Act)$2.00
Official Checks (each, after 1 complimentary check per day)$1.00
Share Draft Protest$20.00
Wire Transfer (incoming)n/c*
Wire Transfer (outgoing)$15.00
VISA Gift Card (each)$3.00
Commercial Loan Document Preparation FeeOur Cost
VISA Check Card / ATM / POS
Card Reactivation Fee$25.00
Transactions at ACCESS FCU ATMsn/c*
PIN-Based Debit Fee$0.25
Inquiries at Non ACCESS FCU ATMs (each)$1.00
Withdrawals at Non ACCESS FCU ATMs (each)$1.00
Change of Personal Identification Number (PIN)$2.00
Card Replacement$5.00
Rush Card Replacement Fee$55.00